Re:Zero 1×8 Reaction

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Comment (4)

  1. Rem is the one that goes out to the village, by the way this show demand to focus on all the small things like random conversation to get information on the world and its characters and you must remember stuff to draw the conclusions after all this show is adaptation of a light novel and the light novel adapt a web novel XD

  2. Mixing up left and right is common It can be associated with dyslexia and dyspraxia. And fun fact a person can get lost in their own house because they have never developed the ability to mentally represent where things are around them, something refer to in science as a cognitive map.

  3. So it’s easy to miss but Rem is the one to kill him during the 2nd loop. Ram is the one that kills him during the third loop.

    During the second loop we hear the distinct noise of Rem’s chains & mace.

    During the third loop during Subaru’s last words we don’t see Rem move but Subaru’s throat is slit.

    Than during the 4th loop we see Ram use wind magic which cuts Subaru’s cheek.

    And finally, tying it all back together after Subaru dies in the third loop Rem basically says that her sister is too soft. Which isn’t saying that her sister is to soft to kill but rather wanted to put Subaru out of his misery.