Re:Zero 1×9 Reaction

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  1. 1st time (demon curse) dog 2nd time (demon dog curse and Rem(blue)) 3ed time (Rem(blue)) the 4th time (he jumped) XD
    fun fact in the 3ed time in the web novel Rem(blue) kept torturing Subaru only 4 Ram(pink) to find the 2 of them too late T.T Subaru was beyond any help so she ends his suffering by +_+ him XP

    1. Actually the 3rd time he dies in the anime is still to Ram not Rem, it’s just not very obvious. Notice that Rem never moved her hand to slice Subarus throat, and she looks kind of annoyed that it happened, and once he’s dying she says my sister is too kind, however, biggest pointer is that later on in the episode when Ram uses her wind magic to cut Subarus cheek he immediately has a flashback to when he died early in the episode, which suggests that it was Ram who killed him.

  2. Oni is a catch all term for demons/ogres of a specific nature that has no western equivalent. It would be like trying to translate a mummy to a culture who has no context of what a mummy is. Calling them a zombie works but misses out on the culture of the creature. Same with Oni and Ogres/Demons. Also all the kudos to the writer for making Rem likable so fast after all the murders

    1. Oni isn’t actually a catch all term it refers to a specific supernatural creature that has an aperance similar to Ogres and Trolls. Their job is to punish wicked people who weren’t evil enough to be turned into demons. They also make up the armies of the underworld

      Supernatural creatures don’t have cross cultural equivalents to begin with because they’re based on the unique culture and customs of the people who created them. That’s why they’re translated directly

      The mummy you mentioned is a great example as it came from the middle east and was brought to the west. The west had no context of what a mummy was, yet now we understand exactly what a mummy is because archiologists said this is a mummy, here’s what it looks like, this is it’s history

      1. Actually Oni was originally a term that basically translated to ghosts. It became a more generalized term for supernatural creatures as the myths moved from China to Japan, then later became more specific creatures over time.

        1. It’s unclear where the concept of an Oni originated some scholars believe it came from Taoists in china, while others have argued that the Oni are entirely from Buddhist mythology

          The Taoists were the ones who used Oni to refer to ghosts. However Buddhist mythology uses the definition I gave above. Because Japan took parts of their language from China they have some of the same words. However Japan was also a Buddhist country which is why they use the version of Oni from Buddhist mythology