Re:Zero 2×13 Reaction

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  1. I can relate to Eric about the frustrations of so many unanswered questions in Re:Zero, but Rick and Calvin were on point about what really matters at this point in the story and in terms of where Subaru is in his development. I haven’t read any of the light novels but I’m sure questions will be addressed when they will be most appropriate.

  2. In LNs those conversations with Echidna are longer, a bit more answers even though maybe not the most important that Eric would like to be answered
    in anime they kinda had to put in as much as they could in their time frame and cut out a lot of details

    1. Also when Roswall has the makeup on he has that funny way of speaking, when he is without a makeup he speaks normally… it’s a bit harder to tell in dub than in the original

  3. Possible Spoiler?/Cut-Out Content from the Web/Light Novel:
    So in the WN/LN Echidna states that the Envy Witch Factor was forceably inserted into Satella and that she was incompatible with it. This resulted in Satella and the Witch of Envy being two seperate entities/personalities, but what exactly that means is unclear. Yet it is explicitly stated that all the other witches like Satella and dislike the Witch of Envy persona, except Echidna who hates both.
    Furthemore we get to know how alle the witches died and that Echidna collected their souls binding them to the present world: Minerva died of insanity in a trap / Carmilla burned to death / Daphne starved to death in a desert / Typhon drowned in a flood trap / Sekhmet got in a fight with a certain Dragon and fell of the Great Waterfall (which is the world border – this was established in “S1” during the cart ride with Al and Priscilla but cut from the anime)

  4. while this is one of my favorite anime i actually love eric’s input on this cause i love to hear my favorite things get fair criticism. i do think eric is not the target audience cause it’s clear the targets are incels but i think it has a lot to offer beyond that and you just kind of have to accept a difference in priorities between people with different mentalities.