Re:Zero 2×4 Reaction

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  1. From a Q&A from a few years ago the author of the novels revealed some info that always hits me in the feels when i remember it – regarding Subaru’s parents

    Q: Now that their eldest son Subaru has been summoned to another world, what’s the situation in the Natsuki household? They seem like a couple that it wouldn’t be too surprising if they chased after him to the other world.

    A: They’re enduring the disappearance of their eldest son somehow or other. The police investigation has no leads, and Kenichi is trying to comfort Naoko but it’s not that effective. They’re passing each day tearfully.

    1. Yeah, finding this out physically hurt me, lol. It’s just so depressing man, like damn, fictional characters and people shouldn’t be doing this to me. But that just shows how good the story, writing, and characters are.

  2. Don’t know if it came across in the English dub, but there is a Japanese custom for wishing family members to take care when they leave the home, the leaving member is supposed to respond that they will. When Subaru’s mom wished him well in the flashback Subaru did not respond but he did now. It shows how his mental stay had improved since then.

    1. Yo, I get it, I’m a big sub over dub person, but the the voice acting for a dub character being “bad” compared to the sub actor doesn’t take away from those who like to watch the English dub. Now don’t get me wrong there are some cases of some dub voice actors being truly awful, but for the most part, especially in popular anime, it’s not terrible, it’s pretty good for the budget. And I would go on the say that ReZero, specifically, has some of the better dub acting out there. The dub Subaru and Betelguese in particular are great. That’s why I never mind when watching reactors who view this anime in dub.

  3. This is the episode that absolutely broke me, hit me like a truck, more like an asteroid. I ball my eyes out every time I rewatch it. It hits me even harder when I found out that the author of the series/novels confirmed that Subaru’s parents have been looking for him nonstop since he disappeared that night, for months on months. So that, plus him not replying to his mom and the fact that he never got, and probably never will get, the chance to see them again to have those moments destroys me. I also relate to his story in a lot of ways, so that drives it home super hard when I think about it being with my parents.