Re:Zero 2×5 Reaction

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Comment (5)

  1. Finally get the opening and we get 2 seconds of them reacting to it. Blind wave I like you guys but you always disappoint in comparison to other reactors. You can’t even give bits of them reacting to the opening so instead people have to go to the full length just to bother with it. I have problems with both you and the normies but at least the normies can listen and try and satisfy their following instead of completely shutting them off and not doing anything that they might want you to do. All that talk about finally getting an opening and you literally show a second of the reaction to it.

    1. Dude they have already reacted to the op. There is no point in wasting anymore time on including it again. Plus, in general, I´m pretty sure most people would rather see reaction to the episode then spending the time on the op instead, there is only som uch they can include to still stay in bounds of fair use. The ones complaining about wanting to see ops are usually only a loud minority.