Re:Zero 2×8 Reaction

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Comment (13)

  1. For contex what Subaru is feeling after return by death is phantom limb pain or just phantom pain and it’s for example you lose an arm phantom limb pain makes u feel pain in the arm that isn’t there anymore same for Subaru but bc he knows it isn’t real it more like a dream like when u feel pain in dream wake up with pain then it vanishes it’s the same but way more severe so he will feel that pain for a few seconds so when he was being eaten alive so he still fells that for a few seconds then it’s gone not really todo with chemical makeup in the brain

  2. Fun fact.

    In the light novel, during the rabbit scene, one of the rabbits eats its way through Subaru’s rectum into his small intestines…. You also may miss it, but it shows in this episode one rabbit burrowing down Subaru’s throat.

  3. One thing to remember about anime is that they can be gory but not too incredibly detailed gory. Those rabbits absolutely ravished him but they just cant show it.

  4. The novels are a bit more detailed with what the bunnies do, apparently, they eat into every opening of the body (yep even that one) and eat him from the inside out. He felt every second of it.