Re:Zero OVA #1 Reaction

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  1. That KonoSuba reference tho, too bad the guys have no context….I find it really really wholesome how the authors of that and Re:Zero are friends irl, apparently. Now I wonder how mindfucked these guys would be watching KonoSuba (for totally different reasons than this series tho, heh)

  2. “Subaru” is the Japanese name for the Pleiades, it’s why the badge for Subaru cars is a cluster of stars. Coincidentally, Subaru isn’t the only character named after stars or constellations.

  3. Uhhhhh, as much as I love the OVAs my disappointment is immeasurable. I just upgraded from 10 to 15 to get so the end/S2 as fast as possible and now it’s even further out lol