Re:Zero OVA #2 Reaction

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  1. Ohhh COME on!! I literally upgraded my tier to get to S2 faster, then last week I was SOO disappointed they did the OVA and now AGAIN it’s the damn OVA. ugh I am so bummed right now, I would have never went to $15 if I knew it was going to be OVA after OVA, and watch they do the damn movie next week. This really sucks.

      1. I guess I got it mixed up because I have it listed that one of them is an OVA and the one that’s 1hr plus as a movie, so I got them confused. So this is just considered a long OVA? Regardless this was pretty damn good, and I like the OVA with the festival a lot as well. I REALLY hope this is one of the few Anime that actually gets a full conclusion in Anime form and you don’t get cut off and have to read the Manga/LN to get the ending. I NEED to see all the Satella/Subaru stuff so bad, and if a show like Fairy Tail can get 6 seasons and some other Anime that are soo mediocre it would be so great if we could see the culmination of everything.

    1. Buuut this was really good and I forgot about that so I guess I was overreacting. And a great reaction, But I still do want them to get to S2 sooo bad 🙁 lol

  2. Well thats because they’re only ovals because they don’t fit well into the anime. These are apart of the actual story but didn’t fit well into an episode so they excluded them and decided to make them an ova. It’s not really an original video animation.