RICK REACTS – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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  1. A couple notes that might make some of the lesser things in the movie make a bit more sense:

    About Ackbar:
    The question is, was he ever really a character? Yes, he’s popular, but that’s only because he became a meme. There’s really nothing to his character beyond him being a commander with a funny voice and look. Would it have been cool? Sure, but would it have really added something? I don’t think so personally.
    Another thing, which has more to do with real-world issues is, that you really cannot let a character named Ackbar do a suicide attack. It’s unfortunate to have to say this, but muslim terrorist often scream ‘Allahu ACKBAR’ when commiting acts of terror. It’s just an unfortunate coincidence that prevents a scene like that from not attracting controversy.

    About Finn’s almost sacrifice:
    The question is, would his sacrifice have done anything? No, not really. Look at how the situation was for Rose, the character to make the decision. The Resistance was almost wiped out and completely trapped in a mine with no way out. Even if Finn would have destroyed the battering ram cannon, they would still be stuck and the First Order would just find another way to get in, for example the tunnels the Resistance used to get everyone in and out of the trenches.
    For Rose, it was a simple choice. Either I let Finn die for nothing, losing yet another friend and ally, or I try to save him at the risk of us both dying, but then there’s atleast a chance he will survive, a chance he otherwise wouldn’t have.
    They only survived because of Rey and Luke, so if Finn had sacrified himself, it would have been yet another hollow sacrifice, like Paige and Holdo, who both died saving what they love but barely making a difference in the end. As Leia said, ‘dead heroes’, and Rose didn’t want Finn to be the next dead hero.

    About Holdo:
    I think we can all agree that Holdo’s main purpose was to teach Poe a lesson. And there’s not really anything wrong with that, even in the Original Trilogy, Yoda existed to teach Luke some valuable lessons.
    Could it have been handled better here, sure. But the thing with Holdo is that she’s not like Leia, she doesn’t know Poe. All she knows is that he is good at flying, but that doesn’t make Poe a leader or someone to trust without question. Trust goes both ways, so expecting Holdo to trust Poe (who just ignored orders and got all their bombers killed) without question is not something I feel holds any water, in the same way expecting Poe to just trust Holdo also doesn’t work. They are two conflicting personalities, but Holdo was his superior after Leia demoted him, so of course she would act in such a way.

    About Canto Bight:
    People say that this didn’t really lead anywhere, but I have to disagree. Not only did it further both their stories and give us an insight into Rose’s character, it also led directly to the third act. If they hadn’t brought DJ along, he couldn’t have listened in on Poe telling them Holdo’s plan and he couldn’t have betrayed them. Their actions, including Poe, led to the dire situation the found themselves in.

    A couple fun/cool facts:
    BB-8 beeps “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” when flying in on Poe’s X-wing.
    When Luke takes Han’s dice on the Falcon, the hands we see are actually Rian Johnson’s.
    The door of Luke’s hut is a wing panel from his X-wing.
    In Luke’s hut there’s an artifact that first appeared in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign, it’s a compass that Luke used to find the first Jedi temple.
    The drunk alien who throws coins into BB-8 is voiced my Mark Hamill.
    The 3 Resistance soldiers who appear when Luke goes to face Kylo are Mark Hamill’s children.
    When Leia pulls herself into the ship, she passes through the projection of the Supremacy (Snoke’s ship) at the exact point where Holdo would ram into it. Awesom foreshadowing.

    And something that I just thought about.
    Remember when at the beginning of the film, Luke asks “Where’s Han?” and it cut to Kylo?
    “If you strike me down in anger, I’ll always be with you. Just like your father

    I personally love the movie and thinks it’s the best one in the entire franchise, but I will never have issues with people rationally talk about the good and the bad. This is why I love you guys. Really genuine and fun reactions with proper, nuanced review and reflection.

  2. I agree with RIck, a lot of the attempts at humor in the movie definitely fell flat for me and took a lot of tension out of scenes. The “I’ll hold” scene was absolutely terrible and does not feel like a scene that should be in a Star Wars movie. I’m not saying Star Wars movies can’t be funny, the original trilogy was pretty hilarious at times, but all the humor in those movies came from the personalities of our beloved characters clashing as opposed to set-up jokes like in TLJ.