Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Movie Reaction

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    1. Because they’re guys in their 30’s, sharing their favourite movies with their friends and with us. It’s a fun movie, with an Oscar nominated song, and a fantastic cast. What’s not to love?

        1. Just because it’s ‘garbage’, doesn’t also make it fun! Rick’s favourite movie is ‘The Room’ and no one is arguing that that’s anything but garbage. But Rick enjoys it, and watching BW react to it was a lot of fun. Same for Prince of Thieves.

    1. How are you confused by the every two weeks thing? They release a poll movie every two weeks like they have for well over a year now. You literally only need to be able to count to 2 and you’d know Fast 6 comes out next week.

      1. At the very least, we can posit that he can count to 6. Both because of the Fast and Furious movies, and, I can only assume, that’s how many years old he is.

    1. This has nothing to do with that poll, which you’d know if you watched the start of the video. This was their own choice to watch this movie. Heaven’s Feel lost to Fast & Furious 6, which will be next weeks movie.

        1. I mean, they literally chose this movie over every single movie ever made in the history of cinema, and not just your one preferred poll-losing movie, if it helps to look at it like that?

  1. I wake up and see that you are watching this movie….instant smile. now to watch the boys before, during, or just forget about work…. hahaha

  2. Oh heck, I know what I’m doing later tonight – like Eric, it’s been years since I’ve watched this, this should be a grand old time.

  3. LOL – the haaaters! How can you be a fan of Blind Waves stuff and be full of such vitriol and loathing? Go smoke a J, take a shot, and stop being so full of anger and spite. Don’t take life so seriously, no one gets out alive.

    Also: This moving is fucking awesome and even if you don’t think so, no one cares that you don’t. Plenty of movie picks I have zero interest in – know what happened? I didn’t watch ’em! Shocking, I know… just in case some folks didn’t realize that’s a choice.

  4. I was so happy to see you guys react to this movie. Like Eric, I wore out my VHS copy and my parents had to buy me a knew one. Seeing your enjoyment of this movie was great. Classic Alan Rickman role. I was able to buy a replica of that locksley necklace when I lived in England.