RWBY 7×12 Reaction

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  1. ok so i have a theory on the Qrow, Clover, Tyrian fight. I think since Clover knew Tyrian’s semblance and knew that Qrow almost died to it before, he tried to keep them both focused on himself to stop Qrow from getting hurt or killed. At least that’s my theory since Clover obviously cares a great deal about Qrow. He was willing to be the martyr just to keep Qrow safe.

  2. I tried to retrieve a comment I made on the RT site back when this first aired but unfortunately their account management and comment management is behind fucking early 2000’s gamefaqs, so after sifting through thousands of comments and opening otherwise hidden replies… I got nothing. Which took way more work than just trying to reprise it here like a sane person would. Sigh.

    I get not being ok with the Qrow/Clover/Tyrian fight, because you’re not supposed to be ok with it. It’s supposed to feel off because thats how it feels for the characters. However the actions taken do make sense for the most part. Tyrian actively helped Qrow because it was to his advantage and made the fight even more confusing. Clover didn’t choose a priority target because he’s never had to, his semblance guarantees him success in all endeavors and he is his general’s man, he will execute his orders without compromise. Robyn doesn’t wait for them to land because then they’ll be in James’s seat of power and any opinion they have will be forcibly shut down, which she knows as fact because she has been living with this closet tyrant and his blindly obedient soldiers for much longer than we have. And Qrow never allied with Tyrian, he simply stopped fighting him to focus on Clover who was uncooperative. He abandoned his weapon as he has in many of his fights because it allowed an attack of opportunity. People tend to see his shape shifting weapon and think he’s just so badass he’s a master of many weapons but realistically it expresses that he’s a formless fighter, anything goes if it gets the job done. Also unlike Clover, Qrow has lost fights before, he knows he doesn’t have the luxury of being picky about how he wins.

    Qrow had no say, Tyrian had nothing to say but spoke, Clover had full say but was silent, and Robyn knew there was only ever one thing to say.

    I don’t know why I opted to get… poetic at the end there, guess I’m still hung up on my lost comment as I felt it was better crafted. Regardless, hopefully this helps.

  3. I forgot to mention its distinctly possible the only reason Clover could fail was Qrow’s semblance canceling his out, or at least running interference. Assuming he’s never lived a day without his luck looking out for him, his confidence in attacking without discrimination is all the more justified.