RWBY 7×13 Reaction

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  1. Gonna blow your mind here. My theory is Ozpin isnt the wizard of oz, and Qrow isnt the scarecrow. I think Ozpin is actually Odin, and Raven and Qrow are Hugen and Munin Odin’s birds that fly around the world and gather information for him. Also they now have the potential to have an eternal maiden with Penny, since she would never age. Also Salem now has possibly the most powerful relic. The Enemy of Trust is fear.

  2. The scarecrow is the leader of shade academy in Vacuo. We haven’t met them yet. Qrow’s reference isn’t clear yet, could be odin’s birds as Master_Zen mentioned (Though Ozpin is definitely the wizard of Oz). We can probably expect the leader of shade to be a in the moment, no plan needed sort of character. Oh and of course, the giant whale is Monstro, come to eat Pinochio’s floating home. I love this series’ little guess who side game lol.