RWBY 8×12 Reaction

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  1. Yeah the limitation of the staff is that you can create only one things at a time. This is why you can see Penny’s robotic body disappear when the team told him to create the portals.

  2. So I dunno if you guys read these comments, but to clarify a few things you’ve missed:

    1) The “genie”‘s limit is that he can make *one* creation at a time. Makes something new, the last thing he made disappears.You’re right in that they need schematics and or instructions to make something also, and he’s VERY monkey-paw in how you word things.He also *cannot destroy*, so you can’t get him to just kill all the Grimm or something. Additionally, he can’t resurrect the dead, something he first mentioned (coincidentally dispelling fan-theories that they could bring Pyrrha back).

    2) The loophole with Penny was that they wanted Ambrosius (genie) to build another Penny out of all of Penny’s robot parts, including the virus. Doing that leaves behind Penny’s soul, the organic/spiritual essence Pietro infused into the Penny robot-base form. Ambrosius even ponders what that would mean, and Ruby clarifies that Ambrosius cannot destroy, and as such would need to get creative. Seeing as in order to fulfill the request of building Pennybot 2 he’d be leaving behind Penny’s soul which cannot exist without a body, and would therefore be “destroying” Penny in the process, he HAS to also make an organic Penny body for Penny’s soul in order to stick to his rules.Now the virus dies within the duplicated Penny robot, and Penny lives on in her new flesh and blood body.

    3) All Maidens can fly through controlling the elements. Cinder regularly does it, Fria (the last Winter Maiden) did it, Raven (Yang’s mom and the current Spring Maiden, not Vernal who you guys forgot was the decoy) did it a bunch during her fight with Cinder, and Amber (the last Fall Maiden) also did it.

    4) CInder isn’t in Vacuo yet. She is hiding amongst the refugees of Atlas currently waiting to enter portals which will take them through the “hubspace” (do not fall place) through to Vacuo.

    5) Haven’s Vault *also* contained an expansive open-world void for the Relic. That one was all desert-like. Interestingly enough, it seems that the theme of their vaults is the inverse of the Maiden’s season (Winter’s being very vibrant like spring or summer, Spring’s being barren and sandy).

  3. So the creation of Penny. Basically RWBY played him. The rules are that he needs to create penny leaving her robot parts. Thats what they asked for. They did NOT ask for a human Penny cause if they did then it would disappear as soon as they asked for something else. So they asked for a robot penny without her soul. HOWEVER, the Spirit cannot destroy, which means that he had to do something about Penny’s soul cause otherwise he’d be destroying. The by product of this would be human Penny, which again team RWBY did not ask for, because again if they did then she would disappear when they asked for the doors. Basically they exploited the rules he was bound to and found a loophole. MurderofBirds on YT has a good video explaining it.

  4. I still don’t get from where the “human” body came. It wasn’t Ambrosius since he needs a detailed design to create anything (it is in the rules) and because he created the portals after and Penny still had her body.

    If the answer was that Penny somehow materialized a human body on her own, then that opens up a whole bunch of questions with no answers so far about how souls work in this world.

    1. Ambrosius NEEDS the plans for anything they want to create even if he know-how to. They didn’t ask for Penny to have a body only for the robot parts to be used to make a new one which they showed him how to. Since an aura can’t survive without a body that would mean he would be destroying her body unless he makes something they didn’t ask for. Meaning he needs to make something of his own to stay by his own rules. Her robot body is the intended creation. Her real body is a bi-product of him having to create something to not destroy the aura. Since her human body was a creation by Ambrosius and not by team Rwby it is not destroyed. They forced him to make her human body without asking for it pretty much.