RWBY 8×13 Reaction

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  1. Harriet should NOT be allowed on duty. It hasn’t even been two full days since Clover died, and she was obviously WAY too attached and is emotionally compromised because of it.

  2. Yang falling to her death is another dumb thing that the show allows to happen for dramas sake.

    She has been shown to be able to blast herself off with her gauntlets but now she conviniently is incapable of doing that.

    1. Yang was shown to be half conscious at best when she was falling. Not exactly in the condition to make a split second decision. Plus her gauntlets have never been shown to have enough force to outright fly, only to augment her jumps.

    1. Not everyone is going to react in a moment’s notice like all keyboard warriors seem to think everyone does. She was attacked by Neo, and was on the ground…she was taken by surprise, and it took a few moment for her to gather her wits. It’s very believable.

  3. The four Relics are the Lamp of Knowledge (supposed to have been protected by the Spring Maiden), the Staff of Creation (protected by the Winter Maiden) the Sword of Destruction (protected by the Summer Maiden – who we haven’t met yet) and the Crown of Choice (supposed to have been protected by the Fall Maiden). We’ve seen the Lamp and the Staff and we know the Crown is probably still at the ruins of Beacon Academy, but Ozpin hid the Crown much differently at Beacon than he did the others, so even if Cinder were to go back to Beacon, there’s no guarantee that she could find the Vault without Ozpin. That’s why Salem captured Oscar at the beginning of this Volume – she wanted to know how to access the Fall Maiden’s Vault so she could get the Crown, but Ozpin hadn’t shared that information with Oscar yet. Since Ozpin/Oscar wouldn’t tell her, she wanted the password to the Lamp so she could ask Jinn how to find the Beacon relic.

    The Lamp can answer any question, as long as it isn’t a question about what will happen – Jinn can’t see the future. She can also only answer three questions every 100 years, and we don’t know how long it is until the questions renew themselves.

    The Staff can create anything, as long as you can provide Ambrosius with blueprints or an explanation of how to do it, but as soon as you try to make something else with the Staff, what was previously made is destroyed. Ambrosius didn’t build all of the buildings on Atlas, he just raised it into the sky and was maintaining it’s altitude. Ozpin mentioned that there was enough natural gravity dust inside the rock that Atlas is built on to keep the city from plummeting immediately, but now that they created a new Penny, the city is slowly sinking back to the ground, since there’s not enough gravity dust to maintain the altitude without whatever Ambrosius did to make it float in the first place.

    No indications yet on what the Crown of Choice and the Sword of Destruction are capable of, but since we seem to be heading to Vacuo, the Sword seems to be the next Relic they’ll have to deal with.