RWBY 8×14 Reaction

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  1. The big gun Ironwood had does more damage at a single, when Winter reflected it, it spread out and Ironwood lost his big gun and his gravity dust magnum blocking the shot. That is what I got from all the scenes when Ironwood used it and it makes logical sense.

  2. Judging from all of the colors of the island this might be where the God of creation lives. Having said that though the dude said DO NOT FALL like is was hell that you were falling into so…

  3. One maiden unknown, cinder finished off the fall maiden and killed ozpin beneath beacon. Raven is the spring maiden, and now Winter is the….winter maiden. The other two relics are the crown of choice and the sword of destruction. Also the brother gods didnt leave to another plane of existance they flew off into space, whatever this other place is i think its either wonderland(alice in wonderland) which in the world of remnant is the girl that fell through the world, or they are going with norse myth aka yggdrasil the world tree and valhala..

    1. In regards to the brother gods, they did fly off into space, but the next time we see one of them, it’s the God of Light in a white empty plane that he says is “between realms” (between the material plane and the afterlife). So I think it stands to reason that they could really be anywhere in any dimension when they feel like it. For all we know we will see one of them in the next volume in Wonderland Yggdrasil or in any other plane or dimension they may visit throughout this series.

  4. Glad to see that you guys get the difference between Penny with the Maiden powers, and Winter with the Maiden powers. A lot of reactors I think didn’t realize that there is a BIG difference. Yes, Penny was a great fighter, but she was still, really, a teenager. Even as a robot, she was comparable to team RWBY in that way. Winter is a full grown adult, with more training and more SPECIFIC training. She’s much more on Cinder’s level, much like Raven was. One of the reasons I think it made Cinder so angry when she saw Winter with the powers is because Cinder knows that Winter is a much more difficult fight than a teenage girl who had the Maiden powers thrust upon her without any training.

  5. Idk if anybody mentioned this yet, but before Monty died, they already had around 10 volumes worth of content created. So the real question is, whats going to happen after that….