RWBY 8×6 Reaction

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  1. Given Cinder had a single person in her 18ish years of life show any kindness (and lets be fair here, it wasn’t a lot), when and why would she learn to care about anyone else? In an objective sense she’s in the wrong sure, but subjectively she has done nothing her life hasn’t taught her to do. Ignoring the suffering of others has been the one constant in her life. I’d be very surprised if she gets any “redemption”, she shouldn’t understand how anything she’s done is wrong.

    1. And at the same time many other characters have gone through awful lives and yet they haven’t done as bad as she. So she still holds a LOT of guilt and responsability for her actions.

      I don’t want her redeemed because she hasn’t shown any redeemable qualities, and doing some good stuff in the last moments of the show isn’t it. At best it would only be to sort of pay for what she has done, and it would still fall short.