Shaun of the Dead Movie Reaction

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  1. I know it was a voted option, but I hope you guys know this is part of an anthology trilogy called The Cornetto Trilogy. One of my favorite trilogies ever!!! Hot Fuzz (the second one) being my favorite!!! I hope you guys react to the entire trilogy!!!

    1. Every week they switch between viewer voted movies from Patreon, and their own picks. This won a poll, the next one will be their choice. Also, all of these next few movies will be airing on YouTube during October so expect spookier choices. They aren’t necessarily going to watch a bunch of related movies in a row just because they aren’t finished them. They only really did that with Fast & Furious because it kept winning polls. So basically they’ll continue any unfinished movie series when they get voted in, or whenever they feel like using their personal pick for it.

        1. Heavens Feel 1 won the poll before Shaun of the Dead, and it was out last week if you look in the Movie Reactions tab. The description of the poll that Heavens Feel won also says the schedule is going to be a bit whack and they had two personal picks in a row before it due to their vacation. That’s probably why we got two poll movies in a row after they came back from vacation. But don’t expect to see the next of those movies until after all the Halloween stuff, and then it will need to win the poll.

  2. The joke with the alternative group (martin freeman) at the time was that the other group were comprised of more well known (especially in the UK) and better actors. Over time the joke isn’t as obvious due to how the careers of the actors have changed but at the time they thought it would be funny to show there’s another group of people that viewers would be more interested in seeing.

  3. Best apocalypse vehicle for me is probably a bicycle. No fuel worries (gasoline goes bad in 3-6 months, diesel 6-12 and then you’re screwed), very easy to repair, good for avoiding cars on clogged roads etc. Obviously not optimal for zombie hordes but if you’re in a situation like that you’re probably dead anyway.

  4. Dylan Moran who played Daff you may know from Black Books another popular UK Sitcom based in a Book Store which also featured the other woman friend in Yvonne’s group Maggie (Tamsin Greig) which is why she was the opposite of Dylan

  5. IDK why but You Miss Eric when he is not in a reaction. He is great at getting excited about stuff in movies or TV. No Offense to the other guys. Im also not sure why all Halloween-time movies people watch just Horror or Zombie shit. This movie is ok but I like classic Halloween type movies like a Hocus Pocus or A Casper. I like Classic Monsters and Halloween.