She-Hulk: Attorney at Law 1×1 Reaction

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  1. I recently rewatched Shang chi and saw Wong taking Abomination to the glass prison shown in the She hulk trailer . Also time works different in Sakaar, how long has it been in Sakaar? With all the talk about sex in the show makes you wonder about Hulk staying in Sakaar

  2. Ngl She is way hotter in her hulk version. I would totally hit that if I could. It’s like bangging the most unique woman in the world or a hot female alien.

  3. Ooh we have the fun police over here, dictating what is/isnt funny for all around. Some people don’t find offensive things funny, it’s that simple. How can you get so worked up and bothered by other people’s sense of humor? You attack the show, calvin and then proceed to accuse them of pretending to be offended and giving “dishonest reviews” and say they are wrong about everything but you want them to redo a show you want because someone’s jokes werent funny to you? It’s very ironic that you say shane isn’t intelligent enough to understand when you have a clear lack of basic human interaction.

    1. Everything you say is so ironic its hard to think you arent trolling, clearly you have some problems of your own so maybe deal with them instead of attacking others.