She-Hulk: Attorney at Law 1×5 Reaction

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    1. Had to go and check that scene to be sure, and apparently the two frozen bodies in the freezer with Julie were the hitmen painters who Fisk had kill her. Him tying up lose ends. Melvin should be in jail or free. Also i learned from the comments of that clip, Melvin had a bigger plot line in S4 before it was cancelled, so they def wouldn’t have killed him

    2. No. Melvin Potter is very much alive and in prison. That bald guy you saw in the cold storage room alongside Julie’s corpse was one of the assassins who killed Julie. Fisk leaves no loose ends.

      1. Okay thank you thank you, that also makes me feel better because I only thought it was him on like my 4th or 5th time watching that season and I felt like a terrible person for it.

  1. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but this isn’t Daredevil season 4, it’s season 1. The Netflix series is not cannon. It was confirmed by Kevin Feige and Charlie Cox.

      1. “It is a Season 1, it is not Season 4, so it is a whole new thing,” Cox told the interviewer. “Which I think is the way to go. If you are going to do it again, do it differently.” that is from D23 so……………….if thats not what he meant then he shouldnt have said it. its great you can read minds but i can only read words………

    1. They have never said anything relating to cannon, they said that since its called born again they believe it will be a new beginning. It’s not like suddenly because it’s on Disney+ it is completely different, netflix has never been involved in creating the show, it has always been marvel and ABC who are both owned by disney. It’s like rebooting a WB show on the CW.

    2. Please stop misinforming people. Charlie is clearly is talking about the story, & not the universe/characters. It’s the SAME CANON universe & characters that were made with the intent to be in the MCU, & always were. They’re just in a new show, with new story/tone direction. Not hard to understand. Kevin Feige, Vincent D’Onofrio, & many more have only ever confirmed the shows as canon multiple times & have never gone back on that. Enough.

    1. I know they have two screens, one for watching the show and one for seeing the shot of them we are seeing. Maybe for some reason it was flipped during this reaction? Idk, best guess I got

  2. I never watched the Netflix shows but I still think not showing in the trailers would have been good. Though it’s a mixture of getting people hyped enough to actually watch the show in the first place and having that surprise.

  3. Not sure about everyone else but I kinda like this episode, not the best one like last week but it was a nice conclusion of every episode so far. Jen begins to accept the She-Hulk persona as part of her and not try to reject it anymore even though she can control it perfectly.

    I think this episode has a little tidbit of every episode before: Titania of Ep1, the whole “keep reject She-Hulk name” of Ep2, the “humiliate yourself to win the case” of Ep3, the dating of Ep4. It was all brought together in this mid-season episode.

  4. I’m watching the show with my Mom and I told before the show came out to not watch the trailer that came out so she has no idea that Daredevil is coming which is exciting cuz it’s been a while since she watched Daredevil and didn’t recognize his helmet at all so when he does appear it’ll be a total surprise for her! 😀