Son of Batman Movie Reaction

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  1. As soon as I saw Ra’s deflecting bullets being shot out of his automatic weapons with his sword, I knew it was over. also apparently a boy being stabbed through both arms can over power a full grown adult man in a sword fight.

    1. The poll was for the future, It didn’t necessarily mean it was for next week’s movie reaction. The poll was for weeks ahead, you’ll get your fate reaction soon you weeb.

  2. So originally, Talia and Bruce had a deep realtionship, and Damien was born out of their love. But it was later retconned and their relationship was more of a love/hate relationship and it became so that Talia then decided to drug and rape Batman

  3. Welcome to the little try hard that is Damian wayne. This little shit has more plot Armor than batman ever had. The writers want you to think he’s cool so much, that it makes it look like that’s all the character cares about either, so it falls flat on it’s face. I don’t see how any other dc character could take this kid seriously, apart from batman, because he’s kinda forced to.

  4. Yes please keep picking these let’s gooooooo…there’s too many to just wait for Patreons and there’s some genuinely incredible content in these movies. Can’t wait for the last one!!!

  5. as soon as they said “frances” for the name of kirk’s wife i was like “thats man bat” then they called him kirk and i was like “yep thats him”. i so dont remember him being in this film or them not having his son aaron aka kid man bat in it

  6. It’s 15 movies and I’m happy y’all kept going. Now Throne of Atlantis. The ending to these movies is so good. It’s probably the only one that would win a poll unfortunately. Thank God for Crew picks???