Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Reaction

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  1. Need to brush up on your lore there Rick! I honestly really like this movie. I think maybe you guys went into this expecting like oscar level performances

  2. I think this is a pretty solid sequel, nowhere near as fun as the first. Admittedly I do hate the first half of the movie, it only gets enjoyable after the awful wedding scene (like once they get to the temple).

  3. Just finished the reaction how tf can you actually think this is one of the worst movies I actually don’t understand this movie was so much freaking fun i can understand not liking it but saying its one of the worst things you have seen is just way over dramatic

  4. this is just a great set of movies. i wan them to continue. sonic is the best video adaption movie franchise ever. it really works perfect. i was thinking about the good times i had with games the whole time

  5. sounds like its time for a sonic the hedgehog animated series reaction so you can learn the full lore. there is also the comics to read at your leisure. not as good as the first film but i had fun

  6. I love this movie and thought it was better than the first. Mainly, with the addition of Tails and Knuckles, it felt more like what I assume the cartoon and game feels. I have not played the games or watched any of the cartoons. As someone who doesn’t know the lore of where this can go, I can’t wait for the third movie.

  7. Me and my buddy absolutely loved this movie, it is targeted for kids but it’s also a movie made for sonic fans like us. Like, I wouldn’t recommend this to my parents like I would Detective Pikachu, but I think this is a really well done sonic movie. These guys aren’t big sonic fans so it’s expected. Super Sonic was hype as fuck for me and everyone in the theater when he turned Super went nuts. That, the Shadow reveal, were incredible moments. Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. There were fun elements to this movie, but I was bored through most of it honestly, so I can relate to rick not liking this movie. It’s true that this movie caters more to kids, but if I was still a kid myself I would be pretty mad coming to a sonic movie and spending a good chunk of the movie on a wedding in Hawaii, no one cares about. That’s just me though. Also I know Tails and Konohamaru are voiced by the same actress, but every time I hear tails talk, I just automatically picture Konohamaru.

  9. Appreciate you guys giving it a shot even if it wasn’t your cup of tea. Personally, I think it’s a pretty good sequel but it has higher highs and lower lows than the first film.