Spider-Man 2 Movie Reaction

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  1. Was it scheduling conflicts that kept Eric and Calvin out of this. Just I don’t see why some things that you’ve seen before you watch all together. And some you don’t.

    1. They probably filmed this at the same time as Baby Driver (remember what’s this week in the US), at some point last week (I mean we have an idea when they filmed it thanks to the Spider-man trailer reaction) and I’m guessing the other two were simply busy with something else (there’s a possibility one of the other two was streaming at the time).

    2. Most cases it is just who is free/ who is most familiar with a show or movie, sometimes they probably just chose not to, not everything has to be a full crew deal. especially if it is something only one person is actually reacting to, like in this case Rick, if most have not seen something then it is a full crew. There are also behind the scenes stuff happening that we are not privy to that they have to take care of as a business.

  2. this is the extended version it seems. it honestly ruins alot of good moments, the Bruce Campbell scean goes on to long same for the elevator and drs visit