Squid Game 1×5 Reaction

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  1. One piece is my favourite manga and I would NEVERRR want them to react to it. I mean… id recommend it for a private watch but its just way too slow and long.
    Also lets stop talking bout OP in this comment section lol.

  2. fun fact: so i went back and pause to read all the names of the winners and the winner of the 2014 game is kim tae woo lol. its funny cause its the name of a very famous rnb singer in korea. was the lead singer of the boy group G.O.D

  3. major clues in this episode, in particular that file room. go back and pause and call up a buddy who can read hangul (im available) very interesting but also a BLATANT plot twist exposed

  4. I appreciate you guys for doing what you do, obviously that’s why I’m here: limited finances but love to see people comment on story lines that are so impactful for others. I didn’t necessarily care about a reaction to this series going in, I joined based on Eric and Rick’s reactions to other things and I learned to love everyone else as I went along. But there was some gross commentary by someone at the end here that I hope was addressed moving forward. I appreciate what yall do, but I hope that shit is shut down at this point.