Squid Game 1×6 Reaction

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  1. Fun fact (for a very not fun episode): This was the most detailed set of the entire show… even the actors were surprised at the amount of work that went into it, even stuff you’d never notice, like weeds growing out from under stones etc.!

  2. I’m surprised you guys saw the series trying to get us to want Deok-su (snake tattoo) to win against his opponent. I never saw it that way. I thought we were supposed to see that as a satisfying moment where while all out favs are going to die we might get a victory in seeing Deok-su die.

  3. Except the fact that one of them is gone, we don’t really know, we can only assume
    Maybe one of them (the woman) sacrificed herself maybe because she thought that, his husband had more chance to win
    That situation was so messed up..

  4. What you talk about with the way people chose Teams of 2 is generally known as the Fixation Effect. You ignore established knowledge that you have based on the challenge you believe is before you. The way this was illustrated to me was through a challenge of making a square out of match sticks set out in a cross by moving only one stick. The answer was to turn it into the number 4 (a square number of 2) – one person out of a group of 30 got it.

  5. I was worried for a minute that they would cut out the reactions to sae-byeoks’ scenes, but thankfully they kept in the reaction to the conclusion, which is great as it was one of the best scenes in the whole show, and definitely the one that broke me ?