Squid Game 1×7 Reaction

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  1. There are many countries with mandatory military service for males over 18. Actually most Asian and African countries have mandatory service. I served for 25 months starting at 18 years and 8 days old(after I finished high school and before university), and after you leave the army you still have to present yourself for training and/or shooting at targets 3-4 times a year, until you reach a certain age (I think 45). But I think most countries don’t do it for that long though and since I left, the service has been reduced gradually to 14 months.

  2. Haven’t read every comment on every reaction I’ve watched of this episode so don’t know if the was suggested by anyone… But, why didn’t they think to use the zipper on their jackets to do the sound test. Or if they hit the glass hard enough they might’ve been able to crack/break the regular glass.