Squid Game 1×9 Reaction

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  1. If you have time this show is great on a second watch. You’ll see a lot of clues regarding the old man. I’m hyped for a season 2 if the director is up for it. He wrote and directed everything on his own and it took a huge toll on his health so he’s open to a second season if he gets a writing team in.

  2. Calvin: He (the old guy) was strapped in just like everybody else at the Tug of War Game.
    People who rewatched the show and noticed that the old guy wasn’t strapped to it: ?

  3. Whether or not you agree that he shoulda gotten on the plane or not, if you went through what Gi-Hun went through, you would not be the best person to take care of a kid. Not to mention, just turning a blind eye to the atrocities that would have continued to go on.

  4. as for the old guy “dying” in marbles it would have always happened because they would have either let him “die” in the game as it happened or when dragged away as the “extra” player like the crazy woman they would have “killed’ him because that next bridge game would’ve been too risky to have him participate because of all of them it was too wildly up to chance and the other players. they were throwing each other off and through the bridge lol, no way they could guarantee the old man didn’t die and they wouldn’t let him go first knowing the correct steps because then the other players would know too. plus, when the bridge broke at the end he could have been hit and hurt badly like the girl was.

    they would have always had to stop him before that game.

  5. They know where Gi-Hun is (like other participants) because they put a chip on all the contestants. Remember how they would use a detector on their neck to make sure they were who they said they were? If there is a season 2, Gi-Hun will have to find that out and get the chip removed or he’ll be pretty much screwed.

    As for the old man leaving after the marbles game, it WAS because the next game (the bridge) was gonna be way too dangerous for him. Unlike the first four games, there were no ways for him to move on relying on knowledge or cheating (like how the doll in the first game could not detect his movements). The bridge game was entirely luck based (50% chance you die every jump). Also, remember the old man was the one who asked for the killing to stop during the ‘special game’. The Front Man turned the lights back on the moment the old man asked for him to do it.

    There are plenty of hints at what is going on throughout the episodes.

  6. They are able to track them because they were all chipped. They realized that the policeman didn’t belong because they scanned him and he didn’t register.

  7. I think this series is truly brilliant, but I enjoyed the finale more on second viewing. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t follow patterns you expect, it made me need time to appreciate the ending, or maybe it’s the anger that the nice old man is a pretty horrible individual. The whole rich and poor are both bored really irritated me. Only a rich person would say that. I’ll taken being miserable in luxury over poverty thanks. Plus they could’ve spent their money helping others, but chose this instead. The show certainly says a lot about human beings. We need more people who stop to help that’s for sure. Him not getting on the plane at the end made sense though as he’s always been trying to help others. It’s why he missed his daughter’s birth, he voted no to end the game, he gave food to a stray cat even. Of course he’s going to put trying to stop others suffering over seeing his daughter. I liked the 7th game was on the 7th floor, against the clock & I like the theories too that the water had poison in it so the old man knew he’d die at midnight either way. Also, seeing Sang-woo’s mum now only with a street stand was so sad. I assume they’d taken possession of her home by then, so hopefully the money will help her have a better life.

  8. I hate the whole “rich people are so bored” bullshit excuse. It is just as stupid as in Jurassic World when they say that people are getting bored of seeing dinosaurs.

  9. I hated that he took the time to see the girls brother, but not his own daughter, who was the main reason he joined the games in the first place. Just get on the plane and do your revenge shit after.

    1. He saw that recruitment was happening, if he got on the plane he would turn away from the chance and opportunity he would need to get in to save them. Remember there is limited spots and he does not know what number they are at. His reputation with his daughter is already bad, so honestly there is not much loss if he dosent go. But his suspicion and fear of the group was realized when they told him to get on the plane, he was going to meet his daughter and they are tracking him STILL. What reason would they need to keep tabs on him if he did his time?

  10. Hints or no hints I truly feel like the show would not have suffered had the old man not been behind it all. It just cheapened great character moments and seemed like such a random plot twist . That being said this show was great but I do question how Gi Hun could possibly do anything to stop the games going forward.