Star Wars Rebels Reaction 1×13

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  1. Both “Governor” and “Grand Moff” are political titles (although they come with an inherent military position)

    They are used interchangeably. Tarkin is the Governor of the Outer Rim Oversector.

  2. To be ONLY for Star Wars or to be ONLY for Star Trek is narrow minded. Both franchises are great. Both have great hits and great misses. For me the misses are Episode 8 and 9 and the recent Picard series.

  3. That whole conversation about the Jedi and hope versus reality with the Jedi. Made me think of the Mandalorian, and the Dark Saber. I personally am of the belief that it is just a light saber and that the Mandalorians are blinded by lore. I don’t think the Dark Saber grows more powerful with the wielding of the saber; even though the Mandalorians put so much stock into it.