Star Wars Rebels Reaction 1×5

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  1. Form 1, the basic form. Form 2 is the Dueling form. Form 3 is the Defensive form. Form 4 is the ability form. Form 5 is the attack form. Form 6 is the 2 blade form. Form 7 is the Dark form. All younglings are taught the first form, and they then learn others as they see fit. Obi-Wan is known to be a master of form 3, Yoda of form 4, Dooku of form 2, Anakin had mastered form 5 by RotS, Maul was a master of form 6, and Sidious was a master of form 7. Ashoka learned a variation of form 5 specifically designed to be effective against multiple ranged opponents, and eventually learned form 6 as well. Windu is known to have mastered a variation of form 7, though Samuel L. Jackson is credited with creating the 7th form.

  2. VCX-100 is heavily inspired by the B-17 Flying Fortress. The forward bubble is the chin turret, above that is the cockpit. Then the crew cabins, Launge, engine room, and phantom slip. B Deck is the cargo hold and mag clamp controls.

    1. It’s so nice to see something *inspired* by the flying fortress while still making at least *some* goddamn sense in universe. Not like the goddamn bombers in Last Jedi at least.