Star Wars Rebels Reaction 1×7

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  1. The comparison is not even close. Hera is holding back information vital to the formation of the Rebellion. Vice admiral Gender Studies was hiding an escape plan for no reason other than for the audiences frustrations. If her secrecy was justified (which it’s not), there would have been a scene or two regarding possible spies or saboteurs on the Raddis (again there wasn’t). Every decision she made encouraged me to think she was a First Order spy. Instead she proved to be an incompetent leader. Hera is a million times the better leader.

    1. I disagree. The comparison is very apt. Both are concerned about info leaks. Also “Vice Admiral Gender Studies”? Really? Why are people so threatened by dyed hair that they feel the need to be petty about it?

  2. Rick the only one in the Crew that is in the Know is Hera. Kanan loves her unconditionally so is completely content to be out of the loop. Please read A NEW DAWN!

    1. I have to disagree. While I do think that the “Vice Admiral Gender Studies” bit was a bit of a low blow, she was a terrible leader. There are multiple reasons her witholding information makes very little sense, but the bigger problem is that while Hera makes it clear that they have intel and therefore come up with a plan (that Sabine gets to know about) Holdo wouldn’t even tell them there *was* a plan. Even when Poe was basically just begging for it, not even *what* it was, just that they *had* one.

      And then when Poe begins his completely justified mutiny, as far as Holdo was aware, he was about to kill everyone on the ship. At that point, her ONLY option should have been to basically very angrily tell Poe that they have a plan and probably what it is, because the alternative is as far as she knows that Poe will jump to hyperspace, wasting the last of their fuel pointlessly, their enimies will simply hyperspace to catch up and then kill everyone. Even the First order finding out at that point would be preferable to that, because at the very least they had a chance.