Star Wars Rebels Reaction 1×8

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  1. It’s sort of explained in the new Thrawn books that governors like governor Price are only “in charge” of their own/ a single planet. They just happen to spend a lot of time on Coruscant so they will leave someone else in charge while they’re gone. In this case it’s minister Tua.

  2. I would just like to clarify that Corran Horn never had ants lift the rock in question. In the legends book they are referencing, he convinced the entire class that they had seen him lifted the rock. Only Luke was strong enough to resist his apprentice’s mental imprint. He then explains to Corran that what he did wasn’t a simple mind trick, but force mind control, and that it was a dangerous technique to use. If you love star wars, read legends, your only regret will be that there’s no more.