Star Wars Rebels Reaction 2×12

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  1. A stormtrooper with a lightsaber, that is a double reference, one to the Suis clones in Legends and the original ideas of lightsabers being common weapons and stormtroopers would carry them and shields.

  2. Fun fact, when a certain someone shows up to deal with the out of control Rebel activity, it becomes official that Admiral Constantine’s career comes to an end. Leia more than likely had a hand in it im sure

  3. I feel like at some point Leia could have met Ahsoka if Ahsoka’s book is anything to go by. (spoilers for the book of course;)

    In the end, Ahsoka finds Bail Organa and that’s her ticket into the rebel alliance. So it could be possible Leia has had at least a tiny amount of personal experience with a Jedi