Star Wars Rebels Reaction 2×17

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  1. I shipped Kallus Tua. I really wanted an episode like this. However, imagine Kallus giving everything to protect Tua only for her to die just like how it happened. This time Kallus was unaware of Vader’s plane to make an example of her. He would blame the Rebels and himself her her death. Zeb while “bonding” would bring their innocence. After getting back He check into it leaving out the guilt. Over time throughout the seasons he discovers the truth. Everything he deals with. Onderon, and Lasan should all still happen. I just don’t think a lack of empathy should be the catalyst for his future choices.

  2. I wonder if we will see the lasat that kallus mentioned in the Bad Batch or maybe Kallus himself. We’ve already seen Saw and Onderon.