Star Wars Rebels Reaction 2×21

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  1. Some of the other things you guys will recognize Robbie Daymond, the voice of the Eight Brother, from is Jujutsu Kaisen where he plays Megumi, A Silent Voice where he voices the main character Shoya, he also plays Spiderman in all the recent Disney animations

  2. I can assure you all that the inquisitor sabers do indeed have buttons. There are 4 to six buttons on them depending on the person. They are bright red or silver the small ones ignite the blades. and the long ones are more like a slide switch or in my case a rocker with two (sometimes 3) points of contact on each side. These adjust the speed of the repulsers and control the gimmicks on the hilt if there are any (such as buzz saws). Personally I’d prefer if all inquisitors had assentation boosters like like Cad Bane’s. They are practical and eliminate the need for a bulky jetpack. Finally the Eighth Brother is a Terrelian Jango Jumper. To refresh your memory one named Cassie stole Ahsoka’s Lightaber.

  3. I’m fairly certain in one of the books it mentioned as weight, mass, and momentum while in motion, as well as a minor magnetic pull towards anything with mass. This is why mandalorians are the only notable people that can wield a lightsaber without the force, on account of beskar being able to keep them safe from accidents while learning to wield one.

  4. I did not watch The Clone Wars until after Rebels ended so this was my first exposure to Maul after The Phantom Menace. I loved it. And, yes, I was all, like “Legs! He has legs now!?”