Star Wars Rebels Reaction 2×22

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  1. By far one of the best pieces of Star Wars content ever.
    Also lightsabers are conduits of the force and the inquisitors are weaker force wielders and need them to glide.

  2. Commander Wolffe’s got a cybernetic eye, not sure if it’s just equivalent to a regular eye or better/worse in some way. Maybe it’s contingent on if the nerves still work & stuff like that. I do believe fully functional prosthetics are mentioned to be pretty expensive, and I imagine an eye is far more expensive compared to something like an arm. You would probably need brain implants and stuff to make it work too if the nerves can’t be saved, and Maul’s blade went pretty deep. (fun fact, there’s a few frames where you can see Kanan’s face & they did model a long burn gash we never get a good look at. must have hurt like hell once the shock & adrenaline wore off)

  3. I wish Rick and Calvin could’ve got to this before The Mandalorian. It makes it SO much more tense not knowing if Ahsoka lives or not.

  4. I love the duel between Vader and Ahsoka but i really don’t see it as emotional as Eric it will always be great but sometimes the things they see as emotional sometimes just make me cringe because they really aren’t that emotional

  5. There’s a mandala effect in this episode due to a fan edit. In this edit, Anakin’s eye turns back to blue when he says Ahsoka. So some people think Ahsoka almost turned him back as well.

  6. The ending of this episode always gives me chills. With the music and the scenes, then the red glow reflecting on Ezra’s eyes as he activates the holocron. Gosh…so good.