Star Wars Rebels Reaction 2×3

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    1. God do I hate retcons. But at least we got two different but cannon telling’s of the final days of the Clone Wars. Personally I prefer the novel Ashoka over the penultimate episode of season seven which (as a whole) in my opinion was more miss than hit.

  1. I love how Eric brought up the fans reaction to the S2 trailer. Rex’s reveal had the crowd going mental, even more so than the Vader one. Really goes to show just how special Rex and the clones are in the hearts of fans.

  2. I mean both Wolffe and Gregor have had head trauma (Wolffe’s eye injury, Gregor’s memory issues) so it’s possible both their chips were damaged and then afterwards they all found each other.

  3. Y’all, Eric was a Star Wars lore Force of nature BEFORE he started hardcore prepping for that lore challenge. Now he’s basically one of the Mortis gods. XD

  4. That Tactical Droid head is probably the one a 501st trooper tore off of a droid on Chrisophsis (sp?) during the TCW 1×16 — I never realized that before, but the Normies just did a reaction to that one and I was like “holy shit” after having just seen Blind Wave do this one where it shows up again.