Star Wars Rebels Reaction 3×1

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  1. Wait, how do none of you know what Jaig eyes are? The markings on Rex’s helmet & Kanan’s visor. Heralding from a Boba Fett prototype & bestowed as a mark of honor or bravery in Mandalorian tradition.

  2. The symbols on Rex’s helmet and Kanan’s mask are Jaig eyes. There’s an entry in Wookiepedia about them if you’re interested, but the short version is they’re stylized shriek-hawk eyes and are a Mandalorian mark of honor for acts of bravery in battle. I think it’s likely Sabine painted them for Kanan here.

  3. I seriously dont get the new Ezra hair hate. He looks so much better then the Alladin look he had, now he looks way better and this is the moment i started liking Ezra.