Star Wars Rebels Reaction 3×20

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  1. While rewatching the prequel movies there was something I had noticed in the first movie that kind of ties into a part in this episode. When Qui-gon touched Obi-won’s cheek he said “He is the chosen one” as he was dying, then Maul was going to do the same motion to Obi-won and he said, “Is he the chosen one”. I don’t know if there was any real meaning behind that, but it was just something I had noticed doing a rewatch.

  2. Re: the impression of Luke being a lot younger, I believe there was a behind-the-scenes factoid that they actually just used the silhouette of the Ezra CGI model for Luke in that scene.

  3. As a Sith apprentice Maul would have spent his whole life knowing that his fate was always going to be one of two paths – surpass and kill his own master, or die. What makes it so tragic for Maul is that he’s never managed to find peace because he never achieves either of those ends that he’s always known are certainties. He’s constantly defined by trying to escape that stress of having no control over which of those paths he’s pushed down, and in doing so, he spends the entirety of his existence struggling trapped in the middle – refusing to fall, but never strong enough to rise. Even at the end of Clone Wars, he’s 100% correct and STILL unable to succeed in getting Ahsoka and everyone to trust him and stop the greater evil that he knows better than anyone. Their conflict ends with his attempt at an alliance falling apart and Ahsoka stopping him from falling to his death, and he’s in total panic just screaming, “Let me go! Let me die! You’re all going to burn! We’re all going to die! You don’t know what you’re doing!!!” really adds in the last piece to what sets up the feeling of hopelessness and clinging to the last shreds of whatever he can, just like when he was in the scrapyard.

    He manages to survives long beyond that traumatizing moment, and he’s still constantly searching for any shred of hope that’s connected to that pain, and trying to find someone who will follow along with him and let him be the Master he believes is the only answer. This episode gives a really good sense of JUST how psychologically damaged Maul is and how he’s left clinging to the one single defining emotion that he has left that can push him forward, because it represents hope for him – the one thing that he’s given up on for so long. For Maul, that old, defining hatred is also linked into his only possible path to escaping Palpatine for good – and that’s why I love that the resolution comes from Obi-Wan showing how Maul’s “old wound” had never healed and he literally does mend that damage for both of them. Dying in Obi-Wan’s arms is when Maul finally manages the one moment of seeing a shared path to victory with his former adversary that had failed with Ahsoka. It lets him finally have true hope in that victory AND a peaceful death – both of the things he never managed to have during the entire rest of his tortured life. Ending with that silhouette of Luke as that “new hope” couldn’t be a better conclusion to one of the best tragic narratives that Star Wars has, and it was a perfect Thanksgiving treat!

  4. Ah this episode is so good. I was impressed how quiet Eric was – during his first view of this he is just so excited to talk about it and point out all info. Both ways so good. Love this reaction

  5. Mmm so good. Also to the last thing Eric said, I saw a comment years ago about Ezra’s name. Rebels takes place between the Prequels and the Originals, but it also takes place in the immediate aftermath of the Lucas to Disney acquisition. Take the Z out of his name and he’s literally…

    the Era Bridger.

  6. Now that you all have FINALLY, finished Mauls story, could you please, PLEASE, take a look at the “tribute” video, Maul-Hatred by Darth Porg on YouTube and do a reaction to it. It is by far one of my favorite videos of all time on YouTube for me. It is truly an outstanding video for Maul

  7. I love the fact that Obi-Wan knew the whole time. He didn’t need help from Ezra, and Ezra was surprised by that. Ezra really never had encounters with a Jedi Master before besides the little encounter with Yoda