Star Wars Rebels Reaction 3×5

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  1. Normies just did the Ryloth arc, Bad Batch just had its Ryloth two-parter, and now this — that planet’s having a hell of a run this past month! (I still wish the shows had used the old Legends depiction of it, where the planet is tidally locked.)

  2. Fun fact, Timothy Zahn wrote a trilogy of books detailing what Thrawn is doing between this season and next. The first is just called Thrawn, then Thrawn Alliances, and in the series, it goes into Thrawns experience with Jedi in the clone wars. This does mean he would know a jedi when he sees one.

  3. This episode is great, and how it shows Thrawn does not like those who are Xenophobic, which most of the Empire is, which just makes it so much better for his character that he is an alien, and he is a high ranking officer in the Empire.