Star Wars Rebels Reaction 4×13

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  1. Do u think the reason the emperor was looking for the world between worlds is because vader witnessed Ahsoka literally being pulled through a magic portal.

  2. The Voices heard in this episode are quotes heard from the past and the future which are simultaneously directed towards Ezra and his “final lessson”.

  3. I know Ahsoka said she can’t save Anakin, but why not go to his fight moment with Sidious and Windu and pull him out? Kanan was valuable, Anakin was destructive all around in that moment.

  4. I think almost certainly Palpatine, didn’t know for certain that the door was there. He had scraps pointing him in a direction, and he was chasing them down. But I doubt he had any solid evidence that the door even existed until Ezra opened it, else his presence there certainly would’ve been more pronounced.