Star Wars: The Clone Wars 130 Reaction

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  1. Those are not Prototype X-wings. Prototypes won’t be around for another 17 years. These are Incom Z-95 Headhunters. A reliable short range attack dogfighter sporting Triple Laser cannons and a concussion missile launcher. Durable but small with a modest shield generator and no Hyperdrive. It does not even have an Astromech Slot. Effort was put in play to build a new generation craft to replace it. Enter the T-65 X-Wing. Due to the restriction put into place by the Empire the new space superiority Fighter had to be built in secret with funds from the Rebellion and they were produced in limited numbers. Less than a hundred were made before the battle of Yavin. Why did the Rebellion not supplement their lack of T-65s with surplus headhunters? Their lack of hyperdrive could easily be fixed with a cheap x4 hyperdrive three jump nav computer.