Star Wars: The Clone Wars 134 Reaction

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  1. Someone needs to tell Rick to watch the HAL9000 edits of the prequels. They are my personal go to versions of the movies that I watch because they cut out a lot of unnecessary scenes, bad humor and clunky/cringy dialogue to give a much more focused story. I’d like to know what he would think of them.

  2. Something I wanted to throw at you guys because I can’t get it out of my head. Do you think it may be possible that Ahsoka could be the rightful heir to Mandalore? I think it’s more possible than Bo Katan, frankly. I think all the pieces fit. And it’s thematically perfect.

  3. I’m really glad they expanded on order 66. It gives so much more depth and meaning to it. You can tell many of the clones are suffering from it too. They know it’s wrong all the while and are mentally struggling, but they’re have no control and no choice, they must obey the order. Torment and torture within their own minds…

    The movies always gave me the impression that order 66 essentially turned them into a different person. Locking their personal memories and turning them into soldiers with no morale and just follow orders. But with this, we know that they do remember, they are still themselves, and it’s tragic; thousands of good people forced to do terrible things…

  4. So if you watch the scene where Ahsoka is transporting maul to the ship, and the scene In Rots where Anakin is waiting for Mace in the temple, the music sounds exactly the same, and both scenes are In sync with each other