Star Wars Visions 1×3 Reaction

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    1. I get why they did not like that much,Im a big fan of Imaishi but even I can say this is a little lacking. It felt more like a Trigger animation showcase with star wars painting than anything. It lacks some of the things I like in his work like the charm,humor,interactions and bold character designs. Its Imaishi enough or a really good star wars story for me to like a lot compared to the other vision episodes or Trigger works.

  1. I love anime and Star Wars, but this one was definitely a bit much for me. Definitely more anime than Star Wars. I loved it for what it was though! Still very fun.
    Seeing the droid come in at the end and be the only one with a helmet was hilarious.

  2. This is pretty much exactly what I expected when this series was originally announced, anime in a star wars costume. I’m not even really a star wars fan but this was so… forgettable. Considering what other episodes did with this opportunity, this leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. As far as story, I got intrigued by the twin creation (how sith create life). My favorite part overall was the art. I’ve seen a little of Kill la Kill, and the art style was something I really enjoyed. How ridiculously hyper it was. I felt the same here; it was very much a fantasy story that built off of hypotheticals and fun, and VERY anime. I liked the ridiculousness, the angles, the depth of field, but the characters and the story was pretty lack luster.

  4. When I saw that Studio Trigger were doing an episode I was hoping for something more comedic like Kill La Kill. Honestly, it kinda felt like they were restraining themselves and couldn’t go as crazy as they should have

  5. I love this one. The only thing I didn’t like was the whole no helmet in space thing. But the story, art, fights, characters all of it is something I would love to see expanded upon more than any of the other episodes. Also Am was very Satsuki Kiryuin and I liked that a lot.

  6. I don’t see how this is any less “star wars” than the others, it really seems like your defining factor of what is “Star Wars” is only just the power base?
    Because literally everything else was absolutely Star Wars… An evil empire, the force, twins, superweapons, turn to to the opposite side, kyber crystals and familiar vehicles.

  7. This was definitely one of the weaker episodes imo. The animation is gorgeous, but the crew is right. It didn’t feel like Star Wars. It felt like a crazy Trigger showcase with a Star Wars skin.