Star Wars Visions 1×4 Reaction

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  1. Between this one and The Ninth Jedi, I’m really hard-pressed to pick a favorite, everything about this one was gorgeous. The art direction, the music, the fantastic character designs, the world I want to learn more about, and the former Padawan whose story I want to know more of. Also it featured the glorious return of battle droid humor! And all the bonus points for flying a Z-95, one of my favorite ships in all of Star Wars.

  2. This one was really cool and all. But whenever people praise this and hate on the previous episode I get extremely confused. Star Wars has always taught lessons. But this one felt as if they tossed out anything intriguing and leaned way to heavy into the “wholesome” and “lesson-learning” aspect. It’s good when balanced, this episode was not

    1. People hate on episode 2 because of its potential, a space band (that could have been bounty hunters on the side) with an ex Jedi and a hut that run from the law and the hut family is such an amazing idea. The episode played it a little to safe for my opinion

  3. I feel you, Grayson. The twins was awesome because it took Star wars over the top in a way only anime could (or would dare, for that matter). That may be unsettling for old school fans, or even purist, but that’s why I loved it, despite still being confused by it lol. I found this episode to be VERY star wars, and it felt like a filler Mandolarion episode (think the village in S1). It is GOOD, but it lacks any true wow factor, other than being the most authentic of the bunch to this point. Either way, next episode trumps both IMO!

  4. When I originally heard about Visions, I was more expecting stuff like this that what we got with the 2nd or 3rd episodes. This and the Ninth Jedi are definitely my personal favorites.