Stargirl 1×11 Reaction

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  1. Okay I just created an account just to give my two cents on the whole Dad/Locket thing
    (I’m at the 18 minute mark right now so maybe this is addressed further in)
    I think that Brainwave had DragonKing make a look alike to mess with Stargirl’s head (more so than his powers could) and to get the lockets. They had one from when StarMan was killed and now the have the other. I think these lockets are the key to making the staff work and now they can use the lockets to take it from Courtney! What is notable however was Courtney was able to make the staff work out of sheer will and maybe that will serve as grounds for taking the staff back….
    The whole plot with the father and dropping that bit of trivia about the lockets felt off if it does not serve an important purpose beyond making drama… She could figure out the ruse if she realizes that one of her memories he mentioned did not actually happen (I’m thinking that playing in the snow story was something she convinced herself happened and the mother can confirm that he was not there for that) and from there drawing the conclusion that they based this scheme around information Brainwave had taken from their minds…..