Stargirl 2×8 Reaction

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Comment (2)

  1. so obviously eclipso this episode lol. and he is like these players out here, all running the same game but think they slick. 10 year old girl from across the stream vs 10 year old girl from across the stream. it was the same girl even from the 50s/60s! eclipso needs a revamp on his M.O. lol LAME!

  2. makes sense beth won. her powers/value is in her mind/intellect and eclipso’s attacks are all illusiion. all it takes is some mind over matter and BAM! she defeats him. plus she is very self aware, thats one of the great benefits of being an introvert/outcast. he have much time to spend on self reflection and thus we know and accept ourselves, flaws and all so no way his little mind games could work on her lol.”you’re a loser” “yeah i know” “you’re alone” “duh water is also wet, next” lol