Stargirl 3×10 Reaction

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Comment (3)

  1. all i can say is: FUCK YOU SHOW! i knew they were going to die. the death flag was waving over them. 1. an episode dedicated to the crocks? 2. them making us love them all season plus showing how much they have reformed, endearing us to them even more 3. everything coming up crock as crusher said. just too happy and wholesome an ep for it not to happen. and jordan! i didnt know he was the one watching but we knew it couldnt be ultrahumanite. it was clearly a human thin body shown with a white human’s skin. but i knew he couldnt be dead. his powers work like iceman: as long as his conscious stays alive he can reform himself even if his iceform is destroyed. they should have gathered those pieces up instead of leaving him on the street. i blame this on pat cause this super villain 101. a little on mike cause he could have seen stuff like this on power rangers and other scifi/fantasy shows/movies.