Stargirl 3×13 Reaction

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  1. hour man and dr. midnite are a couple in the comics. though we only got hints of them getting closer this season and even then no signs of romance, im glad they acknowledged it with the flash forward.

  2. i disagree. season 1 is the best. this is probably second best. second season is the worst. its not a horrible season but after episode 8 or 9 im over the story and am just like lets wrap it up. like once eclipso is freed it just goes downhill for me. the creepy kid was nice and all but i was digging the season before that. after eclipso was released, it became a horror show and im not interested.

  3. I’m so sad this is over, its honestly one of my fave DC adaptations, I’m really gonna miss Cindy, so glad she became a hero & is ok, the only good part about this show ending is now we can think of any headcannons we want, ie: Cindy & Yolanda are in love & are badass crimefighting wives (with a lot of buildup with unresolved sexual tension & arguing, yessss)