Stargirl 3×3 Reaction

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    1. Something odd has def happened tonight. Stargirl and She-Hulk both uploaded middle of the night, which is odd for live shows. Nope full length goes up, but the normal reaction is missing. No email about the patreon rewards that should include Nope. Something weird happened

      1. Also, during the reaction, they’re looking at a different TV then they normally do. Here and in She-Hulk they’re looking down and to the right when they usually look straight ahead lol

  1. that duck is a reference to the royal flush game so maybe its them and that was ace on his/her flying card that picked up starman……..or it was a giant like grundy

  2. i have a question about money on this show. sylvestor was a MILLIONAIRE with no heirs or wife. did he leave pat all his money? cause he had to pay for the new house, ring, the move, the shop (that never has any customers), and it just seems like they never worry about money. and if not: now that he is alive, cant sylvester just go get his money back and stop this “i dont know what career i can have now” uhm being rich works bro!