Stargirl 3×8 Reaction

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Comment (3)

  1. what if dragon king made clones of cindy? she is a “failed” experiment so maybe he went to create a better version? also the gambler’s daughter could be that experiment instead of a clone

  2. nah. infinity inc is jenny, todd and other children of the justice society or (in the case of beth chapel) modern take legacy characters of JSA members. power girl (supergirl of earth 2), huntress (catwoman and batman’s daughter), fury (wonder woman’s daughter) and more are all members. helix is its own group and have fought infinity inc

  3. i so dont get why they made mr. bones purple or whatever color that is. chalk white like all skeletons, THAT is how he should look. this is so gross and weird. and the head size????? WHY is his head so small?