Stranger Things 4×6 Reaction

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      1. I don’t care where it’s uploaded to. I just need the reaction. And I need the reaction for 7 to it will have to wait a week for that one. Damn it Netflix just release your shoes weekly like every other streaming platform.

  1. Wait, we didn’t get 5 episodes of Shippuden because it was the same show as Naruto but we are getting 5 episodes of stranger things?
    Can someone explain it to me? How is it consistent?

    1. Simple, I can think of several reasons off the top of my head. 1) This show is insanely popular and relevant right now, so capitolising on it is natural from a business standpoint. 2) Avoid spoilers. 3) Make their life easier. 4) They do this with literally every other show they start. For those who are 4 weeks ahead, when they start a new show (or recent season of a show they haven’t seen in a while), they release 1 ep onto youtube and 5 eps onto their site, so that the paying members are 4 weeks ahead like they are meant to be. For shippuden, the show is still part of Naruto. We are still 4 weeks ahead of youtube. Just like the original dragon ball manga was only dragon ball, despite it including the original and dragon ball z, the same is for naruto. Its the same show, just split into 2 “seasons” or however you want to define it. In simple terms, for naruto they are simply continuing the story, for which all of it has been released, so nothing needs to be changed. If they did 5 eps of shippuden like you ask, not only would it make us 9 episodes ahead of youtube (which isn’t part of the deal), but it would also fuck up a lot of other things. Meanwhile, stranger things has just returned after a few years, therefore is “new” and is treated the same as other new shows

    2. Every catch up show starts with one episode on YouTube and the next 4 on Patreon. Because of the release schedule of Netflix shows, they are always considered catch up shows. This is literally how they have done things every time for the last 2+ years, so it’s very consistent.

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